I’m one of “those girls”

We’ve all heard of the multilevel marketing businesses…some people know them as pyramid schemes. I’ve judged, as I’m sure you have, every one of those businesses. I’ve also kind of judged those girls that sell it.

“Surely it doesn’t really work”

“This can’t cure cancer”

“I’m not buying multicolored leggings that aren’t flattering”

“Wraps? Like lettuce wraps or …?”

“A pink drink that cures all? uhh”

I think we all know someone who has become an independent distributor of a product. Sometimes it’s someone we haven’t even spoken to since high school. As soon as I was added to a group page for these products, I was the first to leave them.

But it turns out, these ladies (and sometimes men) who sign up and decide to market these products actually believe in them! It’s worked for them. It brings them joy, it’s given them financial freedom, it’s given them more time to spend with their babies and spouse. They love these products…otherwise they would not be one of “those girls”.

In 2016 at a Gateway Church event I sat behind a lady who had lipstick swatches all over her hand. My mom and I marveled at them quietly betting that she had just come from Ulta or Sephora. During one of the breaks my mom asked her about them. She then demonstrated how smear-proof and budge-proof these lip colors are by wiping her hand and none of the product came off. My mom and I looked as if we were watching a magic show. She explained that the product was called Lipsense and told us everything about it. She gave us her card and that was that. Mom and I talked about it the rest of the night, clearly hooked on this magic lipstick.

A whole year went by and we had never purchased it. I don’t know why. Life got busy, I guess. I was thrown into a Lipsense Facebook party by a girl I went to Bible College with. Her and I were never friends, we ran in two different circles but we were social media friends. I was so close to leaving that group but decided to stay and learn a little more about Lipsense.

I quietly lurked online and was a mere spectator. I didn’t not join in on any of the fun games she was playing, didn’t chat with anybody. I was convinced I needed to try it for myself. So I bought Lexie Beary and Glossy Gloss. WOWOWOWOW.

It didn’t come off, bleed, feather, smear, fade or transfer after a night of eating sushi, a drink and dessert (cake).

I talked to Jon (husband) and asked him if I could buy more (budgets, amirite?). He asked if there were any deals or discounts. After talking to the girl who is over the girl who’s party I was in, she told me I could sign up as a distributor and get my products for a discount!!! She said I didn’t have to ~sell~ or ~push~, I could just use it for me.

So I signed up…took the plunge and became one of “those girls”. Y’all I was and am HOOKED. I was so impressed by these lip colors and glosses that I wanted to genuinely share that excitement with my girlfriends and family that love makeup and that don’t ever wear makeup.

We have more than just lip colors too. We have foundation, mascara, eye liner, lip liner, eyeshadows, skin care and highlighter!

I’ve been in this business since February of 2017. I truly believe in these products just like the other girls that sell stuff. My thing is, I can actually prove to you that these products work. And you can prove it to yourself too.

If you’re interested in trying a lip color, buying a gloss and color, buying foundation, color matching or you just want to see the masses of products I own– LET ME KNOW.

You can follow me on Instagram: themrskknowles

My Facebook page for all things beauty: Keilah Knowles Beauty

Follow me, ask me questions, challenge me! Playing with makeup and learning about it is all I ever want to do with my life…and maybe become a mother someday. I’ve helped three brides find their perfect wedding Lipsense colors, I’ve done several make overs and would love to do more! Senegence (the brand that Lipsense comes from) is for any age. You’re not too old or too young to use it!

Every woman is beautiful as she is, accentuating her favorite features is my favorite.

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