30 Random Facts About Me

In no particular order, I might add.

  1. I liked the movie Left Behind (Kirk Cameron version)
  2. As a teen, I’d practice kissing my shower wall…You’re welcome, Jon.
  3. I won’t ever sing to my fullest potential around anyone other than my dog.
  4. Out of the three movies, High School Musical 2 is my favorite.
  5. I’ve never read/seen Harry Potter…because witchcraft.
  6. I once accidentally called my 4th grade teacher ‘dad’…and I still have not recovered from that humiliation.
  7. I sometimes wish I still lived in a dorm with all my closest friends.
  8. I tried to teach my mom how to give birth when I was 5. Caleb was born, so obviously she didn’t do it right.
  9. In elementary, I never knew how to keep and stay friends with someone, so every school year I’d drop the previous year’s friend and find a new one.
  10. My mother shopped for me well into my college years.
  11. I always wanted a sister but I think God knew I’d hate her and bully her.
  12. the #3 is my favorite number.
  13. My dream job: to be an actress on a very successful comedy show…or to be a MUA.
  14. I am not a people pleaser and controlling people don’t like that about me. (See #25)
  15. I have a strong need to control situations but not people.
  16. As a kid, I didn’t understand that dating was a thing. I assumed you got married first and then had a boyfriend. In my child mind, of course you marry the first boy you like.
  17. I can count on one hand how many times I cooked pre-marriage—also while married. All on the same hand.
  18. I really loved high school. Every part of it.
  19. My dad wanted me to be a singer and I told him that was his dream, not mine.
  20. I chose Bible College over Debby Ryan’s agent.
  21. I’ve had my future children’s names picked out for years. Now Jon thinks he can come in here and make changes.
  22. I have a 6th sense when it comes to identifying fake-ness in people.
  23. I’m funnier over social media than in person.
  24. My mom taught me to choose my friends wisely, they don’t choose me.
  25. When I started public school at 2nd grade, she taught me that not everyone is going to like me. That freed me from potentially becoming a people pleaser.
  26. I’m a harsh judge when someone hasn’t learned a lesson I’ve already learned.
  27. I graduated from bible college and a private university all so I can be a stay at home mom someday and I don’t feel any less for that. A relative once tried to shame me for that telling me we needed to be more than our moms. If I could be even just a fraction of the mother my mom is, that’s worth more than my two degrees and all that relative’s schooling.
  28. In elementary, I told my principal about my PE coach making inappropriate comments to me. I never saw that coach again.
  29. I’ve always been in some sort of leadership position, and if I’m honest, I find my identity in being able to lead. For the first time in years, I’ve not been in a leadership role. It’s uncomfortable, humbling, hard. But also refreshing in a weird way.
  30. I experienced anxiety and symptoms of depression for the first time in my life when I felt stuck in my customer service job. It got so bad to the point of calling in sick when I had already parked in the work parking garage because I could not bring myself to get out of my car and face the day.


If you read all this, thanks for sticking it out haha! I tried to choose interesting, random and vulnerable facts about myself. I also found it a bit hard to come up with these. Comment below with an odd fact about yourself! I’d love to know I’m not the only random weirdo on the internet!

2 thoughts on “30 Random Facts About Me

  1. I would call my first grade teacher mom and tell her i loved her. often.
    I also love #27. It’s a beautiful thing when women can choose what they want to do with their life.


  2. Girl, I love these!! But I have to say, 29 resonates with me in a way I didn’t expect. Like, for real. Also, I totally disagree with 23! 🙂


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