Sometimes girls are not my favorite creatures ever. Sometimes they can be the literal worst. I know what my breed is capable of and it’s ugly. But there is also something so wonderful about being a girl. We have an understanding of who we are as human women. We are complicated, we are messy, we are extraordinary, we are unique, we are protectors.

In this current season in my life, I am realizing how important having women in my life is. I have never so looked forward to meeting up with a group of women than I do now. I crave deep, challenging and rich conversations.

I have a group of women that I know are for me, they love me, they hear me, they speak into my life, they bring light to some dark places, they point me in the right direction.

As I look back on my “adult years”, I have been surrounded by women I could trust. There have been more trustworthy women than not in my lifetime. Man, I am so thankful for that. In Bible college, I had my roommates that forever changed my life. In my university I had a circle of women in the RA program that knew me from the inside out and still loved me. In marriage, I have my church girlfriends that hear me, see me, love me and challenge me. Just in life overall, I have a small circle of best friends that support me and encourage me and love me for who I am.

I cannot imagine going through this season of my life without this kind of support system.

It’s a nice thing to feel known.

I read somewhere that our greatest need is to be fully known and fully loved. Imagine someone knowing everything about you–

  • your weight
  • your real hair color
  • the losers you dated
  • what you look like with no makeup
  • your biggest mistakes
  • your most embarrassing moments
  • your awkward phase in middle school
  • your biggest regrets
  • your greatest victory
  • your Mount Everest of a dream
  • your hopes
  • your fears

….and without hesitation, they fully love you.

Hi, can we take a moment and soak that in for a minute?

For some of you reading this, this might sound terrifying. You might be turned off to the idea of some other person knowing that much about you. You might doubt that someone could love you knowing all the crap you’ve done. You might even think you’re too “complex” or “complicated” to figure out.

Sister, you’re not. You’re human. You were created for this. The only being we could never fully know is God. And, uhm…you’re not Him. You are capable of being fully known AND fully loved. Loved imperfectly (because we’re human, duh), but fully loved.

If you don’t have a group of ladies that you trust, reach out to me! Please. My life has been so changed by having these ladies in my life.

Shout-out to my girl gang: Charis, Brittany, Sara, Rebecca, Sarah, Abby, Natalia, Camilla, Olivia, Jenn, Katie, Sarah, Hollyann.