12 Months pt.2

September 2018

I got my period a week before we were leaving for vacation. I called the doctor’s office anyways to let them know but also to tell them not the schedule me for the procedure yet since we were about to leave for vacation and I didn’t want to be sore and in recovery during that time. So they pushed it back for October 19th and told me that if I have another cycle before the procedure (a healthy person would have one more cycle) to not have intercourse to ensure I don’t get pregnant. I’m like, seriously y’all, we have nothing to worry about, I probably won’t even get another period this year, but whatevs.

October 2018

I get ANOTHER PERIOD. This time it’s within the normal cycle time frame of 28-31 days. What the what?! This is new to me. The 19th rolls around and I’m expected at the hospital at 5:30am. They separate me from Jon and my mom and wheel me to the back where they let me know all the drugs I’m going to be on for the best nap of my life. My sweet doctor rolls in and gives me a heads up of what’s to come while I’m knocked out. “I’m going to make 3 incisions. One in your belly button and 2 right above the pelvic line. The third one might be bigger if needed to accommodate the size of that growth when I pull it out, okay?” I nodded and inhaled some wonderful drug laced oxygen.

Recovery (an hour later)

I woke up slowly to my doctor saying “Keilah, you did great. I’ll see you in a few weeks for your follow-up.” They wheel me to my room and my mom and Jon walk in. My mom has a huge smile on her face and she says “Jon, share the good news”…

Jon says “While you were waking up the doctor came and gave us the update:

  1. They pumped you with air so she could see inside but the cyst was GONE, DISAPPEARED, NOT THERE, NOWHERE TO BE FOUND.
  2. She confirmed there is NO PCOS
  3. She found some endometriosis. They measure it on a scale of 1-4. 4 being bad/a lot. She said it barely even registered as a 1 to them. So she went ahead and did an ablation and got rid of what was there.
  4. Everything looks healthy and all as it should be in there!”

Y’ALL. My ONE PRAYER since finding out about this cyst was that the Lord would dissolve it before my doctor had to go in. She didn’t have to do the third incision which would’ve been bigger because there was nothing to remove!

Being able to share these results with our dear friends in our City Group has been such an emotional thing for me. I’ve cried, I’ve laughed, I’ve been speechless, I’ve been in awe! These friends have been our closest confidants during this difficult season. They have prayed for us, over us and with us every step of the way. 

So at this point you’re probably asking, “So what’s the announcement?” Here it is:


Since August, my cycles have come within the healthy time frame of 28-31 days. I can’t remember how long it had been since my period tracker app was correct on it’s prediction date.

I am filled with renewed hope. I serve a God who has heard my cries, He’s heard my prayers and the prayers of those who love me, He’s answered my biggest prayer.

Now, obviously I’m not pregnant (YET). That’s another exciting announcement for another day. But I am so excited to see what my next steps are. Knowing that we are that much closer to having a baby of our own is a joy I have not felt all year.

While recovering at home over the weekend I had a lot of time to think about what the Lord has done for me. I thought back to January when I got my first period after really, seriously trying. Had I gotten pregnant in January I’d be having a baby this month. I look at our current situation with Jon busy with work and at the same time working on his Master’s in Data Science (wow), we fight to make time for each other. It’s not easy him being pulled in every which way right now. This could not work if we were having a baby this month. God knew. He knew what October 2018 would look like for the Knowles and He said “This might hurt you a bit to hear but, not yet.”

I’m trusting His perfect timing. It’s way better than my timing. His plan is perfect. It’s way better than any plan I could make.

It’s been a year exactly since we got prayed for initially over all the fears I was having about not being able to conceive. The Lord knew all along what 2018 would hold in store for us. He also knew that He wasn’t going to leave us for a second. He was preparing to flex His love, grace and healing over me.

We can hardly wait for Baby Knowles. I know that we’ll be telling our baby how The Lord WORKED A PERFECT MIRACLE in my body so we could have him/her. What a beautiful story of Him and how He loves.

Delayed fertility is not your fault. It’s not something you choose. And there doesn’t need to be shame attached to it. If you’ve been trying for a month or a decade, you’re not alone. I’m in this boat with you. I’m just enjoying the view God placed before me before we get to hold our sweet little perfect baby nugget.



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